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Making Your House Look Nicer

Keeping your house clean and tidy can be something that gets away from you on a regular basis if you don’t dedicate the time on a weekly basis to picking up and cleaning parts of it. And really, who can blame you for neglecting the tidiness of your home when life gets in the way?

The thing is, a lot of projects that could boost your home’s value can be quite spendy and time-consuming. We understand your plight with those situations, though, and have come up with a few cheap ideas to bring out the most in your home.

Pick up things laying around

More than anything, cluttered things just sprawled out in random places of your home can make your place look messy. Even if your home is dirty and in need of mopping and dusting and more, picking up clutter is one of the best things you can do to give the appearance of “cleaning up the place.” Just grab a few cardboard boxes to carry around and put like items in to make it easier so that you’re not making ten plus trips up and down your stairs to put them away in their proper spot. Those cardboard boxes will make your life a lot easier.

Mop your floors

Believe me, getting out the mop and bucket isn’t always the most fun, especially because it means you have to do a great job sweeping your floors beforehand and then tackle the task of mopping. The thing is, once you’ve got your floors cleaned and looking shiny, it seriously stands out to guests and can make the whole place shine.

Touch up trim and gutters

Repainting an entire home can be seriously expensive. However, a few buckets of exterior paint will allow you to brighten up the trim and gutters at your home. Because we spend less time looking at the outside of the house and more time focused on the interior, it’s easy to ignore the trim of your home or porch, but a fresh layer of paint will help make both stand out while also giving your home the appearance of nicer and cleaner overall.

These tasks can really fly by if you tackle multiple in a day or have some help getting them done. I always notice that once I begin cleaning, I’ve got an insatiable will to keep going until everything is taken care of. So, dedicate a day to cleaning or enlist some help and you’ll thank yourself after the entire place is looking tidy.