Tips For Sustainable Gift Packaging

The winter holidays are all about gift-giving and meeting with friends and family. With a lot of packaging being prepared and shipped, you may wonder if there is a way to ensure packaging sustainability to keep the environment safe from a higher carbon footprint.

While most brands are now paying attention to using packaging materials that are less harmful to the environment, it is also the consumers’ job to make sure that they handle the packaging materials intelligently to play a role in keeping the environment safe.

In this article, we will discuss ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle gift packaging to prepare more gifts to send to your friends and family.

Corrugated cardboard packaging

You will find cardboard everywhere. You may find a lot of them in a recycling bin. These boxes are extremely durable and ideal for the shipping of products and presents. These are also recyclable in all parts of the world. You may want to keep cardboard boxes this year and use them to prepare gift packs.

Collect and reuse

It might sound a bit strange but you can collect items in your home and use them for gift packing. You can look for many items lying around in your house and look for a way to create more adorable gift packs. Items that you may need to find in this regard include the following.

  • Craft paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Decorative string or twine
  • Newspaper
  • Shoeboxes
  • Road trip maps (they make excellent outer packaging for gifts)

Wrapping in a reusable bag

A reusable grocery bag can be one of the best items that you can use to wrap your gifts. Perhaps, it may turn out to be an extra little gift for the receiver of your gift. Some brands give their customers reusable bags, which can be used for different purposes, including organizing and gift packing. You can even skip the tape and use this sustainable wrapping idea to promote a trend of Eco-friendliness.


If you do not want to use scrapes and other leftover packaging materials to prepare gifts, you may want to use wrapping paper in a pretty innovative way to prepare gift packaging. For this purpose, you will need craft paper, a potato, and acrylic paint. You can use a potato as a paintbrush to draw just about anything you want on the craft paper. Different color combinations and the lack of geometry in designs will give your gift packaging a more natural look.

You can also use traditional paintbrushes instead of potatoes to create designs of your choice. There are a lot of DIY options available in gift wrapping. It is all up to you which design you consider more appropriate.

The best way to get DIY gift wrapping ideas is to visit several social platforms. Websites, such as Pinterest, have been a source of inspiration for most people willing to lead their passion for preparing DIY objects and decorations. You can also watch video tutorials on YouTube to get an idea about the best gift wrapping.